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Clara and Chics Types(Clara et les chics types)

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France · 1981
1h 40m
Director Jacques Monnet
Starring Isabelle Adjani, Thierry Lhermitte, Daniel Auteuil, Josiane Balasko
Genre Music, Comedy, Drama

Three days in the lives of six friends who are nearly 30 years old, live in Grenoble, and have a rock band called the "Why Notes?". They're to play in Paris at Charles's school reunion. In getting to Paris and back, the characters interact with Aimee's ex-husband and her abrasive, cruel ex-mentor, Louise's would-be lover who turns out to have a husband, Mickey's long-time lover and her children, Bertrand's Germanic wife and their children who speak no French, and Frederic's distant mother. The band also meets Clara, a mercurial free spirit who beguiles Bertrand, then Mickey, then takes up with someone else in the band.

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