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Italy · 1951
1h 48m
Director Luchino Visconti
Starring Anna Magnani, Walter Chiari, Tina Apicella, Gastone Renzelli
Genre Comedy, Drama

Bellissima is a satire of the film industry, and centers on a mother, Maddalena, and her daughter Maria. Maddalena goes to great lengths to get her daughter into a film, but how far can she go, and will it be worth it?

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Stella Rumble Profile picture for Stella Rumble

A compelling look at the machinery and inhumanity of the cinema industry. One of my personal favorites, I think it does a really great job of critiquing the Cinecitta type of cinema around which the narrative revolves. The cinematography along with the acting (Anna Magnani!), really pull together a poignant story of a girl trying to make it in the entertainment industry and being subjected to the exploitative nature of the business.

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