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The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2(金瓶梅2 愛的奴隸)

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Hong Kong, Japan · 2009
1h 33m
Director Chin Man-Kei, 看黃片网址 ₉₉₇₀₀₂.com
Starring Wai Kin Lam, Serina Hayakawa, Kaera Uehara, Winnie Leung
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance

Rich and powerful Simon Qing has been schooled in the ways of sex by his virile father, but is still a virgin. That is, until he meets his first love Violetta who has fun with him all over his father’s estate. Their love does not last, so Simon embarks on a journey. Along the way he meets the comely nun Moon whom Simon deflowers and then marries. He then becomes enamored of Golden Lotus but she is married to dwarf Wu Da-Lang.

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