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The Other Side of Everything(Druga strana svega)

Documentary filmmaker Mila Turajlic, examines the dissolution of Yugoslavia and the sociopolitical ramifications of that period through the perspective of her mother Srbijanka Turajlić, a retired engineering professor at the University of Belgrade and a prominent player in Serbia’s opposition movements. A perspective on the events and legacy of Yugoslavia's breakdown told through the eyes of one remarkable woman and her family.


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Variety by Alissa Simon

Mila’s film honors Srbijanka’s legacy of activism and brings her spirit of honor and responsibility to a new generation and a wider audience.

The New York Times by Jeannette Catsoulis

Engrossing despite its daunting scope and tangled politics, The Other Side of Everything offers an uncommon opportunity to view the shifting borders and identities of an entire region through the eyes of the Eastern European intellectuals caught in the turmoil.

The Hollywood Reporter by Neil Young

Accessible, informative and wryly humorous, the film uses Srbijanka's tastefully decorated residence as a prism through which to view the woman, her turbulent times and the complicated history of the former Yugoslavia.

The New Yorker by Richard Brody

The specifics of The Other Side of Everything far overleap the facts of regional politics; the movie is, in effect, a film of political philosophy, not only in Srbijanka’s trenchant, stirring, and tragic observations, but in its ever-relevant observation of the endemic reactionary counterweight to political progress: populist ethnocentrism and nationalism.