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Glorious Days(Bebas)



1h 59m

Director Riri Riza

Starring Marsha Timothy, Maizura, Susan Bachtiar, Sheryl Sheinafia

Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance

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Vina, a new high school student in Jakarta quickly became part of GENG BEBAS: Kris, Jessica, Gina, Suci, and Jojo. Their togetherness starts to disturb when a situation separates them. When they were grown up, Vina accidentally met Kris, whose life was soon ended. Kris asks Vina to gather GENG BEBAS for the last time. Vina searched one by one, from Jessica to the mysterious Suci. This search journey brings us to the teenage years of GENG BEBAS, which makes them realize that adulthood make them forget who they really are.


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