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Jim the Cracksman, the King of Thieves(Jim la Houlette, Roi des Voleurs)



1h 17m

Director Roger Lion

Starring Gaby Morlay, Gil Clary, Nicolas Rimsky, Louis Vonelly

Genre Thriller, Crime, Drama

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Philibert Bretonneau signs novels which are actually written by Moluchet, his secretary, secretly in love with Bretonneau's charming wife, Pauline... One day, Jim la houlette, the king of thieves, resurfaces in France. He steals jewels from Madame Clisson, the wife of a lawyer. Saint-Lévy, Bretonneau's publisher, has an idea : to simulate the theft of a manuscript by Jim la houlette, in fact by Moluchet posing as the criminal. But Moluchet, confronted by the real Jim, lets him run away and is arrested...


We hate to say it, but we can't find anywhere to view this film.

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