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Door Mouse

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Canada · 2023
1h 41m
Director Avan Jogia
Starring Hayley Law, Keith Powers, Famke Janssen, Donal Logue
Genre Crime, Mystery, Thriller

In this oddball thriller, Mouse, a comic book artist by day and burlesque dancer by night, enlists the help of her sidekick Ugly to track down her missing friends. What follows is a rabbit hole of gut-wrenching discoveries filled with corruption and real-life monsters.

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What are critics saying?


Screen Rant by Ferdosa Abdi

If there is any justice, Door Mouse will garner the attention it deserves for being a well-defined narrative brought to life effectively and efficiently by a talented director whose imagination and creative drive become more evident with each scene.


Original-Cin by Jim Slotek

Door Mouse isn’t exactly noir for the ages, and it has story problems. But it moves, and as played by Law, Mouse is a dead-pan heroine I’d like to see again, backed by a bigger-budget.


Collider by Marco Vito Oddo

Despite all its flaws, Door Mouse remains an interesting cinematic experiment. And we must commend Jogia for his devotion to comic book language.


Movie Nation by Roger Moore

The comic book connecting scenes work, and the violence, when it comes, is a shocking contrast to the low-energy/low-heat movie surrounding those moments.